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Holistic Dentists: What You Need To Know

Also called biological dentistry or alternative dentistry, the practice of holistic dentistry focuses on the total health and wellness of a patient to treat his or her oral problems. A holistic dentist is an alternative to the traditional approach of just focusing on toothpaste and drills.

As a holistic dentist, we will conduct a complete review of your overall health. We utilize treatments geared towards making you as healthy as possible rather than sticking solely to dental practices which might not always improve oral hygiene levels or relieve pain associated with gum disease.

What sets holistic dentist therapy apart from traditional treatments is its emphasis on using all-natural solutions to treat your oral health problems and prevent further diseases from developing in the future.

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How are holistic dentist treatments different?

A holistic dentist will go the distance to minimize your exposure to toxic materials like amalgam fillings and mercury-based products. We may recommend:

  • BPA-free, fluoride-free, mercury-free, and metal-free alternatives to traditional treatments
  • Proper nutrition to reverse the effects of degenerative dental diseases
  • Prevention of gum disease before it starts (oral health education, proper brushing and flossing, etc.)
  • Herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies to alleviate tooth pain or gum pain

As holistic dentists, we focus on a variety of treatments before subjecting patients to invasive surgical options. Root canal alternatives and nonsurgical gum disease therapies are just two examples from our repertoire that allow us not only reach optimal oral health but also have fewer risks for side effects than traditional dental procedures do! We avoid using amalgam dental fillings to fill cavities.

Holistic dentistry is the future of dental care

Holistic dentistry uses both modern science and natural restoration to heal your mind, body and spirit. We treat root problems rather than just alleviating symptoms. This provides you with long-lasting results that go beyond what can be achieved through traditional dental treatments alone.

What happens in your mouth doesn’t stay in the mouth! It affects your whole body

What is in your mouth will affect the health of your whole body. All dentists understand this when a cavity is present. Everyone agrees the bacteria and germs collected in the rotting tooth will cause potentially major health problems. But traditional materials used in treatment can also cause problems.

Often people with mercury silver amalgam fillings and dental materials suffer from autoimmune disorders. They also report memory loss problems as well other health issues such a host of others which seem unrelated at first glance but actually stem from the types of treatments used in traditional dentist offices.

A lot has changed since dentists started using these products for patient care; we've all become much more aware of environmental toxins like mercury. We focus on using materials that are more bio-compatible with your body.

Interested in learning more about using a Holistic Dentist in South Carolina? We are a SMART Certified Holistic Dentist. Visit our website for more information: Delite Dental.

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