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    When push comes to shove, we are here to help you. Our whole-healthcare team offers so much more than traditional dentists and we are breaking the “because my doctor said so” mold. We put you in control of your health and work with you to achieve not just optimal oral health, but whole body health too.

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    Our hand-selected team understands how to help you defeat common barriers that get in the way of enjoyable dental visits.

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    Educating You

    Our united team shares the philosophy that, “If you get, give. If you learn, teach”. You will experience that first-hand when you visit our office. We are here pass on our knowledge of oral health and nutrition.

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    Beat Anxiety

    A combination of our southern hospitality and progressive dentistry will instantly put you at ease. Also, we have an office designed to be warm and inviting, a team that offers conveniences to suit you, and a belief that it is our duty to put you first.

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    Take Charge

    Many dentists will just tell you what to do with no explanation. That’s where we differ! Our team truly values each patient and puts him or her in full control. We explain the ins and outs of each option, answer all questions, and provide expert advice.

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    Your dentists in Summerville, SC offer a minimalistic and conservative approach to dentistry that boosts your overall health.

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  • Healthy Body, Healthy Teeth

    Just as beautiful skin comes from within, so do beautiful teeth. A healthy body promotes healthy teeth and vice versa. Our variety of services to help you achieve both.

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