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Teeth Whitening In Summerville, SC

Is Teeth Whitening In Summerville, SC Worth It?

A large majority of people in Summerville, SC and other areas in the Charleston region consider teeth whitening because they have some sort of discoloration on their teeth in varying degrees. It can happen to anyone no matter how much dental care you do. Things like environmental factors, time, and the type of food you eat affects the appearance of your teeth. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions for those who want to lighten their teeth or eliminate the stains on them.

In this day and age, there is an extremely large variety of ways that you can achieve a bright, whiter smile. There are many over-the-counter products that have various degrees of effectiveness that you should be wary of. There is also a wide range of professional treatments that are overseen by a dentist. Getting an appointment to have your teeth whitened is the more dependable and safer way of doing things. There are also many dentists that will give you the option of at-home or in-office treatments.

There are two terms that people use interchangeably that don’t quite mean the same thing. These terms are “bleaching” and “whitening.” Whitening products are classified as any product that eliminates debris and food from your teeth. Bleaching products are any products that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Bleaching breaks the chemical bonds in the stains when they penetrate your enamel, allowing your teeth to be lightened beyond the shade that is natural to them.

Is Your Discoloration Enough to Get Procedure For Teeth Whitening Summerville?

The process of getting your teeth whitened is considered a low-risk procedure which makes it a suitable option for a wide variety of patients. Those who want to get their teeth white often experience mild to moderate discoloration. It’s important to consider other factors that may dissuade you from considering the treatment.

If you’ve had restoration on the teeth that are front facing (including dental crowns, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers), you might not want the procedure. The material used for these do not respond to the agents that bleach the teeth. You can still whiten the rest of your teeth but you’ll need to replace your restorations.

Those with intrinsic stains also want to be wary of the procedure. Intrinsic stains are discolorations that are gray, the discoloration that results from what’s considered a dead tooth, and white spots on your teeth. Most teeth bleaching agents target extrinsic stains affecting the exterior enamel. While this means that patients with intrinsic stains can’t get a standard bleaching, there are new products and procedures being released that target extrinsic as well as intrinsic stains.

Getting your teeth whitened in Summerville may upset conditions that you have. The conditions the procedure most commonly affects is tooth sensitivity and worn enamel.

Those interested that have temporomandibular or bruxism may also want to avoid Teeth-Whitening at-home products as the process could worsen these conditions. It can still be done but in an office with a professional.

The Cost Of Teeth Whitening In Summerville, SC

The total cost of getting your teeth whitened will be determined by your dentist, the type of whitening you choose, the time it takes to complete your treatment as well as many other factors.

What Is The Average Cost Of Teeth Whitening In Summerville, SC?

The biggest determiner of calculating how much teeth whitening will cost you is the type of whitening you want to get done.

Treatments that you can find at the drugstore usually have a wide range in price. Some costing only $5 and some costing upwards of $50. These are the cheapest options you’ll find for whitening but they’re also the least effective of the products to choose from. You should also be aware that these products may contain levels of peroxide that are so high that they’re considered dangerous. The price tag may be appealing but you need to consider what the best option for you is.

Treatments that you take home will typically cost you anywhere between $200 and $400. This figure includes the price of gel and whitening trays. The amount of time it takes for treatment will also cause the price to become higher.

Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist can range anywhere from $300 to $1000. Again the price will increase with how many sessions you have to undergo and whether you have chosen a more complicated treatment.

Dentist Payment Options

Teeth whitening solutions are elective procedures. While they can give you improvements to your appearance and can give you self-confidence, the process isn’t necessary for your oral health. While the overall cost of teeth whitening seems overwhelming, there are ways to fit it into your budget. Including In-Office Payment Plans and Third Party Financing.

You could also look into third-party financing. You can try to qualify through a lender or a bank. If you do qualify then they will help you pay your bill. There are companies like Compassionate Finance that give loans to those who are seeking cosmetic dentistry. Companies like this one can provide you with a no-interest, fixed, and low repayment plan if you have approved credit. Your dentist office may be able to refer you to such lenders so that you can make your budget. Some dentists can also help you fill out the required paperwork for third-party financing.

The Initial Teeth Whitening Consultation

To decide whether teeth whitening is the best option for you, you will have a consultation with your dentist. They will examine your gums and teeth which will determine whether you are a viable candidate for a procedure. In this session, you’ll likely discuss your desired results and goals. You will also discuss your lifestyle (which will help determine what led to staining) and your budget.

After receiving all of the information your cosmetic dentist will help you determine whether an at-home or in-office whitening is the best option for you. They will then proceed to do a shade analysis. They will document your transformation so that you can see the difference in the whiteness of your teeth.

Should You Get Teeth Whitening?

If you’re currently unhappy with the way your smile looks because of dis-coloration, then you might want to look into getting them whitened. For those looking for teeth whitening in Summerville, SC, they should take a look at Delite Dental. Delite Dental is a dentist office in Summerville, South Carolina that offers great teeth whitening solutions for you and your family.

This Summerville teeth whitening practice is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your procedure and that you leave with a brighter, whiter, and happier smile. If you’re looking for teeth whitening in Summerville, SC then Delite Dental is the dental practice to go to. For more information on our holistic dental services or to book an appointment, call us today!

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