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Serving you with the innovative biological (holistic) dentistry for your total health and remineralization of cavities naturally.

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Reversing Cavity Naturally

Your natural teeth are better than fillings. Less drilling is always better option.
Did you know that teeth can heal itself? Yes it absolutely can! Tooth decay is simply a result from the loss of minerals of the tooth. This happens when a certain bacteria in the mouth puts out the acid as the by-product and melt the protective layer of tooth, creating softer teeth or holes (=Cavities)!

Tooth decays are a true infection and a disease condition that must be treated. But this does not always means dental fillings. Your teeth are alive just as other living organs in your body. The condition of environment that it is in, teeth can remineralize (healthy) or deminearlize (not healthy).

At Delite Dental, we address the main source of the problem and come up with a treatment solution that will benefit you in the long term.

With our innovative approach, we treat dental conditions and make your teeth stronger and aid your teeth to heal on its own in the early phase of decay.

Safe Removal of Toxic Mercury Fillings

Mercury is a toxic and bio accumulative substance - and is a primary ingredient of the dental amalgam which is also called silver fillings. If you have any dental fillings that are silver in color, your body is exposed to mercury daily. This constant release of mercury in your body can cause negative affect to your brain, nervous system, kidneys, and an unborn child’s brain and health. In addition, this mercury fillings overtime weakens the tooth and may cause splitting of the tooth due to its inability to bind to tooth structure.

The removal process of mercury filling through traditional dentistry can be very toxic to your body because of the vaporized mercury particles while drilling of the filling by the dentist. As a biological/holistic dentist, Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim treat your dental condition with your whole body in mind. They are trained and certified with SMART through International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to remove mercury fillings safely. In fact, Dr. Lee had removed all her mercury fillings placed in her childhood and got them replaced with healthier material by Dr. Kim.

At Delite Dental, we use porcelain dental restorations as studies have shown that these are the most biologically compatible materials.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy at Delite Dental is one of the most exciting treatment options that we are proud to offer to our guests as a biological/holistic dentist. It is a revolution in modern dentistry in the U.S. to allow true re-mineralization of teeth and healing dental cavities naturally.

All natural (non fluoride) polishing

We offer 100% natural polishing option to adults and children.

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"A healthy mouth leads to healthy body and healthy body leads to a healthy mouth." - Dr. Hayan Lee