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Our Whole Health Services

We’re far from your conventional Summerville dentist. We focus on your entire health and well-being; not just your oral health.

Standout Family Dentist Services


Full Exams

We start with a thorough exam of your individual tooth, gum health, oral cancer screening, and bite. We make sure not to miss a thing. We use breath-taking technology such as an intramural camera, which projects your mouth onto a screen, so you can participate with the doctor in your exam. We then design a strategic plan based on your individual needs and situation.


Sedation Dentistry

Our compassionate team has years of experience helping those with dental anxiety and patients who have endured bad dental experiences in the past at other offices. In more extreme cases, we offer the latest in Sedation Dentistry to help you relax and overcome these issues.

We provide both oral sedation and nitrous gas.


Pediatric Dentistry

It's critical that children have good memories of their dental experience as a child. Their first memory of the dentist is very important to us, so we strive to make it a good one. This ensures they view the dentist in a positive way for years to come!

Our team is here to help parents learn how to care for baby teeth and inculcate proper care at home. So let’s work together to get your child’s oral health off to a great start.

We offer everything your family needs to maintain a healthy smile.


Root Canal

Many people dread hearing those painful words, “You need a root canal” and although we can’t take that away, we do make you as comfortable as possible.

Rest assured; we use the latest in dental technology to make your root canal as painless as possible, and we produce satisfying results.



Did you know that your teeth can repair themselves with the proper care and the right nutrition? It's true! This is the primary reason we take a conservative approach to dentistry and only intervene when it is 100% necessary. This is seen in the way we provide fillings - we only work if you NEED it.

If you do need a filling, it is worth noting that our fillings are mercury FREE and BPA FREE.

We not only care for your teeth, we care for you too.


Tooth Extractions

We only resort to dental extractions if there is no other way to keep your mouth healthy. When we do use this method of removal, we make sure you are comfortable and experience as little pain as possible.

Our patient and methodical team take each treatment at your pace and will not do anything until you are ready.

"A healthy mouth leads to healthy body and healthy body leads to a healthy mouth."

- Dr. Hayan Lee

"Delite" In Our Dental Cosmetic Services



Who really ever wants metal in their mouth? We understand it is a struggle to cope with missing teeth and don't wish to compound that with invasive denture treatment. This is the reason we provide dentures that are both metal-free and give you a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

We offer full and partial dentures to those who have lost multiple teeth or are waiting to get a more extensive treatment.


Teeth Whitening

Do you want to brighten up your smile? Whether you want to look perfect for a special occasion or just want to "wow" your colleagues at work, we have great teeth whitening solutions for you. Contact us today and we will talk you through the best option for you.

Don't delay get the white smile you have always wanted.



Our dental crowns can be used to protect your tooth, restore a fractured tooth, and so much more. We use Nickel-FREE crowns made of the highest quality material created in a local lab in Charleston.

Crowns are strong, discreet, and long-lasting.



Drs. Kim & Lee are well-known for their ability to transform smiles with the outstanding Invisalign® technology. They are able to give patients the dream smile that they have always wanted, without the clunky wires and metal.

Invisalign® aligners are effective, discreet, and convenient. Their ability to give patients their freedom to eat, smile, and take photos without the look of traditional braces. Call 843-486-2022

Our Holistic Approach

The key to optimal oral health is to attain and maintain a healthy body.


Teeth aren’t just a solid structure that is separate from your body's system. Rather, they are living organs receiving your blood supplies just as your liver, lungs, and heart do.

Therefore, what is in your body system will affect the condition of your teeth and mouth. Also, anything you put in your mouth will affect your entire body, which is why it is critical to treat teeth from a “holistic standpoint” i.e. look at the total well-being of your body, not just your mouth.

Our dental team understands the importance of a choosing the right nutrition and caring for your entire body. During each visit, we are happy to provide you with any advice you need and promise not to use any materials that could harm your body.

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