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Learn More About Ozone Therapy Dental Care

Ozone therapy at Delite Dental is one of the most exciting treatment options that we are proud to offer to our guests as a biological/holistic dentist.

It is a revolution in modern dentistry in the U.S. to allow true re-mineralization of teeth and healing dental cavities naturally. Ozone therapy also offers powerful therapeutic benefits in other dental areas that will be discussed later in this section. It allows less drilling of teeth, pain free and no numbing needed and completely safe for adults and children at a young age!

When you hear the word ozone, you may think air pollution or protection from sunlight. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the earth, which brings many benefits to human every day. For medicine and dentistry, Ozone has been used for many decades in Europe and around the world. The great news is that the U.S. is now catching up with major dental companies adapting ozone therapy and trainings being provided to dentists in the U.S.

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So what is ozone? Ozone (O3) is an activated, excited form of oxygen (O2). It has three oxygen molecules (O3), which makes them unstable in form of energy instead of having two oxygen molecules (O2). Thus, ozone (O3) desperately wants to get rid of its extra oxygen molecule to others to become more stable. This makes them a strong oxidizing agent that has ability to alter other molecules by the transfer of oxygen and their electrons. This oxidative power of ozone makes them a strong therapeutic agent in human body.

Healthy cells in our body have antioxidant enzymes to be protected from the oxidizing agents. Harmful bacteria, virus, fungus and other micro-organisms have a few antioxidants which make them much vulnerable to these oxidizing agents. In addition, ozone is negatively charged and these bad ones are positively charges. Thus, ozone selectively targets these bad cells in our body and kills them by disrupting their cell walls with their oxidative power. Yay!

Tooth decays occur when these bad bacteria produce acid, which ultimately cause the demineralization of the teeth. As the tooth environment becomes more acidic, the more of these acid-loving bacteria will dominate in number versus the good bacteria. Ozone not only kills the bad bacteria but also clears out their harmful by-products, providing a new healthy environment for the tooth. This is critical because only at this stage, the good bacteria start to grow and more importantly, the minerals can flow in to rebuild the tooth in the early stage of decay.

This unconventional approach of dentistry opens up much benefits to our guests including the less use of the antibiotics, which is never free of side effects. Other powerful therapeutic uses of ozone in dental treatments are the followings;
• Tooth sensitivity
• Gum disease
• Extraction

At Delite Dental, our goal is to heal teeth naturally as much as possible with less drilling. This is especially beneficial for children since ozone is completely safe with no side effect and absolutely pain-free.

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