What a Holistic Dentist Can Offer You in Charleston SC

Holistic Dentistry is a practice that doesn’t just focus on a patient’s teeth and treating whatever ailments they may have. A holistic dentist considers a patient’s overall physical and emotional well being when it comes to treating and diagnosing their dental issues. However, just because holistic methods are incorporated into the practice doesn’t mean that you can’t get many of the same services and procedures done at a holistic dentist that is also done at a more traditional dentist office.

Delite Dental is a holistic dentist in the Charleston area (Summerville, SC) and has many services in common with other non-holistic practices. So, here are a few services that a holistic dentist office can offer and what makes them preferable to traditional dental practices

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Full Dental Exams

When coming into a dentist office you can expect to have a full exam done to your teeth. This is the same in a holistic dentist office. At Delite Dental, for a full oral checkup, we use the latest technology to provide thorough exams of every individual tooth, check your gum health, and provide an oral screening for cancer. However, the major difference from a traditional dentist is that patients at Delite can participate in their dental exams. And instead of offering blanket procedures, at this facility, we individualize plans based on your needs. So, with this, opting for a holistic dentist does not necessarily mean foregoing a full exam!

Sedation Dentist

This is a must for any dentist office. Patients having a major procedure done or who just get antsy when anywhere near a dentist office need to have sedation options available for them. To ease patients that have a hard time dealing with dentists, methods like oral sedation and nitrous gas are offered when needed. There isn’t too much of a difference here since both holistic and traditional dental practices need multiple ways to sedate a patient should the need arise.

Pediatric Dentistry

Everyone knows that good dental hygiene starts at a young age, and getting kids to love the dentist office isn’t a simple task. So, to get the ball rolling, the dental professionals at holistic offices like us at Delite provide parents with the insight they need to provide the best oral care to their child. Something that a traditional dentist’s office does normally go this extra mile when meeting young patients.

Root Canal

Any dentist can tell you that a root canal procedure is a necessary evil, and it’s hard to get a patient prepared for the pain they’ll endure. But holistic places like Delite and their dental tech will perform the procedure and make it as painless as it can be with on par results that patients will be satisfied with.


The holistic approach to fillings isn’t the same as some traditional dentist offices. Others believe that fillings are the first step to take. However, at holistic practices like Delite, we aren’t so quick to start drilling. We believe that teeth can repair themselves when you provide them with the nutrients and care they need. That’s why they only provide this procedure when they believe there is no other choice. However, should there be a reason for the procedure, there the filling is done with BPA and mercury free material.

Tooth Extraction

Since those who practice holistic dentistry believe that teeth can heal themselves, they aren’t too quick to suggest tooth extractions which should be music to the ears of most people. Only when all other methods of saving a tooth have been exhausted will they consider an extraction.


Holistic dentists offer many of the same cosmetic services as traditional dentists with a slightly different approach. Instead of packing a patient’s mouth with metal, invasively installed teeth, they provide dentures that are metal free and that create your best smile. They can put partial dentures or full dentures in depending on a patient’s needs.

Teeth Whitening

Holistic dentists have a wide range of teeth whitening options for patients to choose from. While your average Charleston or Summerville dentist will provide the same whitening procedure that they provide to most of their patients. Dental practices like us at Delite Dental make sure we are offering a procedure that works for you.


A holistic dental crown differs from the traditional crown put in place by your average dentist office because, while some dental offices aren’t concerned with what the crowns they use are made of, a holistic dentist makes sure that all their crowns are made with nickel-free material and are of the highest quality so that the wearer can have an amazing smile for years to come. Delite Dental even goes as far as having their crowns made in a local Charleston lab—something very few are doing in our area—which makes us a standout amongst other Summerville dental practices.


Even though this is an option that your normal dentist would offer, for holistic practices it is the preferred teeth aligning method and is believed to be better than traditional metal braces.

What Works Best for You

Now that you know just a few similarities between holistic and traditional dentistry, you can also understand the subtle, yet very important, distinction between them. In short, your traditional dentist offices don’t always take into account patient’s concerns and thoughts when choosing to prescribe a procedure, nor do they consider the material they use to perform these procedures, and they don’t consider other health issues or lifestyle choices when diagnosing a problem. With holistic dentistry, doctors believe in the power of a patient’s teeth to heal themselves with good nutrition and a healthy body. Instead of having invasive surgery be the first precaution, they exhaust all other options before resorting to dental surgery. In addition, holistic practices are very particular about the materials they use in their dental surgeries and choose metal-free options before anything else.

So, when debating about whether to visit a holistic dentist, remember that they provide many of the same services as a traditional dentist office, but offer a perspective on dental care that differs vastly from your typical dental practice. So, don’t be afraid to research it, and for Summerville, SC patients, you can turn to Delite Dental for your dental needs! Call us today to set up your appointment!

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