Our Core Values

Our office revolves around our wonderful patients, harmonious team, and range of modern services.

We Are Open On Saturdays!

Our dentists in Summerville, SC cater to everyone with early opening times, late-night Thursdays, and Saturday appointments.

Get What You NEED From Your Dentist

Experience a new type of dental team that respects the beliefs of all their patients and exudes positivity.

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Above all else we focus on professional care by delivering our very best in all we do on a consistent basis.

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Our contemporary approach to dentistry means we not only assist with your oral health but also use the latest technology to help your entire well-being.

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The close friendships among our team are naturally extended to our patients through our desire to acknowledge their welfare and improve their quality of life.

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We always aim to bring value to our community by being a positive influence and caring for the people of Summerville, SC.

Unlocking the Key to a Healthy Smile

With Whole Health Dentistry


We don’t go all gung-ho and insist on the most expensive procedures. Rather we look for ways to help your teeth heal naturally. Once we have considered all the options, we implement the best one for you.

Nutritional Advice

Healthy teeth come from within, so we provide advice on the best foods and diets that will promote both a healthy lifestyle and a beautifully glowing smile.

Always Healthy

Our prioritizing health is seen in all we do. This includes our open sterilization room where you can see how clean our office really is and the fact we don’t use any unhealthy materials in our dentistry i.e. mercury or BPA.

Contact us if you have any health-related questions you would like to discuss.

Planmeca Low Dose X-rays

Utilizing the latest in modern technology for the benefit of your smile.

At Delite Dental, we want your experience to start off in the most comfortable and efficient way. That is why we use the most state-of-the-art Planmeca Promax panoramic x-ray machine. It offers some wonderful benefits for you and your family.

Gives off 80% less radiation

Takes both panoramic and bitewing x-rays

Zero pain or discomfort

No large sensor placed in your mouth

Safe and family friendly

Produces clear and concise x-rays


Your 5-Star Dental Experience

Relish our warm and inviting office that is specially designed to lower anxiety and boost your dental experience.

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"Delite-ful" Comforts

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New Technology

Attain Optimal Health

Education and regular check-ups are key! Learn how to enjoy whole body health on our blog and make sure to book your check-up.