Are There Alternatives to Fluoride to Prevent Cavities??

Our practice incorporates nutrition and holistic methods to reduce the decay process in our patients mouths.

The Surgeon General and ADA support an optimal level of fluoride in community water as safe and effective in preventing tooth decay.  Fluoride is naturally occurring in ground water and in our oceans.  It is adjusted in the water supply to reach the optimal level of 1.0 parts per million which is a safe and does not cause dental fluorosis.  Studies have shown that water fluoridation can reduce the amount of decay in our children’s baby teeth by as much as 60% and in their adult teeth by as much as 35%. Adults are also keeping their natural teeth throughout their lives and dentures are becoming a thing of the past.

Other than fluoride, factors that affect the decay process include bacteria present in our mouths, exposed root surfaces that a weaker than the enamel covered portion of our teeth, diets high in sugar and processed foods, poor brushing and flossing, reduced salivary flow and deep grooves on chewing surfaces of our teeth.Occlusal decay

Alternatives to additional topical fluoride treatments like toothpaste, fluoride treatments and mouth washes can be dietary changes and placement of dental sealants along with your Dental Hygienist reviewing oral hygiene techniques and instructions at each visit.

For a more natural approach supplementing your diet with Vitamin D not only prevents cavities but also helps keep your gums healthy.  The Vitamin D Council also has studies that show a connection between exposure to sunshine and reduction of cavities.  School children living in sunnier locations had fewer cavities than those living in rainy and persistently foggy areas.


What are other ways we can get Vitamin D?  From the foods we eat such as, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, salmon, tuna and catfish.  These foods create a powerful antimicrobial protein that attacks the oral bacteria known to cause cavities.

The use of Coconut oil, Olive oil and Oregano oil as a toothpaste has antibacterial properties also.  Oil Pulling or swishing is another addition to your Oral hygiene routine.  Mouthwash containing Neem is another alternative to fluoride and Myrrh is an ingredient in fluoride free toothpaste which kills the bacteria that causes bad breath.  Drinking plenty of water, avoiding high carb beverages and sports drinks, limiting sticky foods, even gummy vitamins can all prevent cavities in addition to regular brushing twice a day and cleaning in between your teeth.

Super foods that prevent decay in your mouth are yogurt and cheese, almonds, apples and pears.  Sugar free gums and mints that contain xylitol inhibit the bacteria that causes decay and can be used daily.  Green and black tea and also red wine have benefits to promote a healthy balance in the mouth.

Our office Delite Dental in Summerville, SC,  offers one on one nutritional counseling and oral hygiene instruction to all patients in addition to natural options for your optimal dental health.



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